About Us

The Dojo Club in Peristeri is a martial arts center for adults and children with a second Judo center in κηπουπολης. The positive health effects of Judo for children and adults have already been proven multiple times. In Judo, children and adults are learning Judo in a structured environment with a certified and experienced instructor.

Learning Judo is fun. The environment and atmosphere are friendly and international. The main purpose of Judo is to improve fitness and mental health. Those people that do Judo experience more accomplishments and success in their life.

Our Judo programs are taught by qualified coaches, who are former Judo champions of Greece and received international awards in Japan’s well known Judo academies (Tsukuba and Tokai). The Dojo and the coaches are part of the Greek Judo Federation.

We welcome people at our Dojo, no matter which origin or cultural background.

Adress: Kόμης 20,12137, Νεα Ζωή, Περιστέρι, Αθήνα

Telephone :

  • Mobile : 6936251312, 6977619551
  • Landline : 2105781776

Email: dojoclubgr@gmail.com

Facebook Groupwww.facebook.com/peristeridojoclub